Mobile App | Kudoz

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Using interviews, surveys, and contextual inquiry, our team found that the concerns expressed by the hosts were very similar to the ones expected by Kudoz. They all struggled with the current communication system — a mix of desktop messaging with email duplicates.


From research and storyboarding, we compiled the major pain points our hosts deal with regularly. We looked at the actions that needed to take place and developed several user flows around these actions, specifically the booking flow, event flow, and feedback flow.


Experience Mode Mid-Fidelity Wireframes



We decided that some key features needed were a messaging system, a calendar for booking, and user profiles. We also wanted a specific mode we called “Experience Mode” that would be activated the day of scheduled events and include a timer, shortcuts, and a camera link, so the host can share photos with Kudoz.

testing & Iteration

As we sketched out features, we tried to test a much as possible along the way. Paper prototypes were very helpful in checking usability and finding issues. These paper prototype tests moved into medium fidelity wireframes. Our second round of testing was even more effective as we were able to test with one of the hosts.